degrees to prevent cervical spondylosis

Cell phone addiction causes physical subhealth? The Korean media introduced the correct use of the method Comprehensive report 】 【 the web on October 31, according to South Korea's chosun ilbo newspaper reported that more and more modern people leave the smart phone, mobile phone addiction phenomenon is serious, with also caused a variety of health problems. So how do you use your phone correctly? Look up 10 degrees to prevent cervical spondylosis The most tired body part of a long time using a cell phone is the neck. Long phubbing will stimulate the muscles and nerves around the neck.

 A 1cm head down will increase the weight of 2-3 kg, which can be a burden on the neck, so people who often look down at their phones are prone to cervical spondylosis. It's important to use your cell phone in the right way to prevent the disease. Don't look down on your phone. It's better to lift your phone up to 10 degrees above your eyes. Change your posture frequently, look at a mountain in the distance, stretch your neck, and stretch your neck muscles. 2. Blue light is easy to cause insomnia to protect the cell phone The blue light emitted by cell phones can also cause health problems. Often playing with your phone before going to bed, blue light blocks the release of melatonin, which promotes sleep.

The more light the phone sends out, the longer it takes for people to fall asleep. And the brain keeps moving while playing with the phone. You should try not to use your brain before you go to bed, and your brain will be active using your phone, causing a decline in sleep quality GuangDong Hotel provides useful hong kong tourism information for our honourable guests. Such as Hong Kong weather, currency exchange rate, tax, emergency number, electrical system and normal business hours. . Therefore, it is best to not play with your mobile phone or tablet computer for 2 hours before bed. It can also be used to prevent blue light from protecting the film. 3. It is easy to induce a brain tumor to suggest using earphones when talking Electromagnetic waves in electronic devices such as mobile phones also increase the risk.Want a memorable experience for your clients?

 Check out PartnerNet for the top things to do in Hong Kong Culture: dining, shopping and unique cultural activities. Electromagnetic waves can trigger tumors and damage men's health, according to a us study. The best way to reduce the risk of electromagnetic radiation is to stay away from electronic devices. It's best to keep your ears away from your phone while you're on the phone, or use a headset or a hands-free phone. It's best not to use a cell phone in an elevator or an underground parking lot.

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